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Bonfire 2010


PRESS RELEASE A massive thank you is going out to sponsors, visitors and local businesses who supported last month's medieval castle bonfire in Torrington.

A total of £55,000 has been raised through the charity event, which saw a 100ft castle, built by fundraisers the Torrington Cavaliers, burnt to the ground. 50% of the money raised will now be split between the Children's Hospice South West and the North Devon Cancer Care Centre Trust. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% will be distributed to a number of other smaller local charities.


Whoops! of delight echoed around the walls of Torrington Castle on the Old Bowling Green when two stained glass windows, recently removed and stolen from the building, were found propped up at the entrance early Sunday 22nd morning. The two windows are part of a set specially made by local Doctor Paul Bangay and are set in the front walls either side of the portcullis.

Dragon is lifted on to castle

Thursday 19th saw the Dragon lifted into place above the drawbridge of the Castle, guarding the entrance.

KAS crane hire very kindly supplied the crane and driver to lift the huge structure into place. The process was watched by Nick Davey who with his brother Stuart built the Dragon on site over many weeks. This really is the "Crowning Glory" of the Castle Bonfire.

Thieves visit Castle Bonfire

On the Morning of 14th August 2010 two of the stained glass windows were removed from their fixings and stolen from the Castle Bonfire. These were kindly made and donated by our local Retired Doctor Paul Bangay who put many hours of work into them. It is a great disapointment to us all that anyone would consider doing this as the whole event is to raise money for people less fortunate than us in health.

Massive Dragon to be lifted onto Castle

On the evening of Thursday 19th August from 1900 the massive dragon that has been made By Nick & Stuart Davey will be lifted into place by a large crane from KAS Crane Hire. You are all welcome to attend the spectacle. Photos will be posted on the website shortly afterwards.

Dave Sanders of will be taking photos and they will be on sale on his website.

The castle is finished!

The Castle is now completed.

Also photos of some of the detail, some views of the inside and the dragon that is currently being built and will be lifted into place by a crane soon!

keep you eye on this page for the actual date.

Friday night saw the first practice of the archers who are to fire flaming arrows into the castle. this will be truly spectacular!

The moat has been prepared and will be filled next weekend!

I will have photos of it next week.

Arson attack on Castle Bonfire

On the evening of Sunday 18th July 2010 our Chairman, Chris Stacey, who lives closest to the bonfire was called to the bonfire because a report of black smoke billowing from the rear of the castle.

On arrival the castle fencing had been breached and a burnt and melted coat was found in the area behind the TARDIS at the rear of the fire. Luckily it did nothing more than scorch some pannelling.

It was blatently obvious this was a mindless act and not an accident.

Latest Photos 18th July 2010

The castle is now nearly completed and is looking grand!

Here are some more photos of the nearly completed bonfire. There are several of the internal of the fire and the preparation of the moat that will surround it.



East The Water Primary School. Bideford present shields.

Children of East the Water Primary School, Bideford offered to make some shields to decorate our spectacular Castle Bonfire.

They came to see us last week to present them.

We are absolutely delighted with their work and I will post photos of them actually on the castle soon. THANK YOU!