Current News

2 bonfires being built

Saturday we had to teams building bonfires 1 was at the Trumpton site, this was where the skilled workers were and the rest were at the Rugby club site. The Rugby club fire was completely built in one day and we had a few delays by inquisitive cows!

The Sky was very black and menacing during which Cody Marchant took the photo below with the rainbow over it.

Guess the number of chillies Competition

Dick Matthews has grown a chilli tree and it is blooming with small red chillies. If you fancy having a go at guessing the number of chillies on the tree visit the Torrington Arms and add your name, pay your £1 and put down your guess on the list and you could win 50% of the funds raised. The other 50% will go to the Trumpton Bonfire fund.

Thank you!

Bonfire 2015 update - 4th october 2014

A good bit of work this weekend and the Chimney looks fab! I think the rooves are starting to look brilliant and make it more like real buildings. If you need some roofer,s you know who to call!

Next week we will have 2 working parties the skilled members will continue with the Trumpton Build and the non skilled, like me, will be at the Rugby Club building the bonfire for our November spectacular. Keep your eye on our website for mor information as I get it.

Slimtember Challenge

We all signed the scales and they will be put on the wall of Trumptons Pub the "Murray Arms".