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Our technical team, two of which are shipbuilders, are installing the shaping and securing timbers for the shape of the bow! You can see the panels being fitted that will hold the external timbers.

Torridge Gates & Timber products are kindly cutting back some timber boards to a thickness of 8mm so they can be bent to take the shape.

Bow progress 1
Bow progress 2
Bow progress 3
Torridge Gates
  • Bow progress 1
  • Bow progress 2
  • Bow progress 3
  • Torridge Gates
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    Many thanks

    Great Torrington cavaliers

    BBC - Replica Mayflower built to be burned in Great Torrington

    A group of volunteers have built a life-size replica of the Mayflower - but only so they can burn it down for charity.

    The Great Torrington Cavaliers will have spent five years on the project when they set fire to it next year.

    Next year is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower taking the pilgrim fathers from Plymouth to the US and the bonfire is one part of planned celebrations in Devon.

    Courtesy of

    It was an early start at 7am to help set the square up for the day followed by breakfast!

    We had a very special visitor this year who took a break from his final world tour! He was supported by the Cavalier dance team and what a show it was!! In the afternoon we staged an audience involvement event  with a western theme. 14 teams of 3 in a carriage had to navigate a chicane, remove some very dangerous rattle snakes then throw some balls through the cacti and return to base, thanks to all those who took part. It was a great day of events.

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