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Bonfire 2015

Trumpton Bonfire videos from You tube including ours!

You tube video: 

Trumpton Bonfire 2015 - Grand Draw result.

We hope you enjoyed the best show that we have put on, we certainly did! It is a long hard time with over 2 years planning and building to put on such a show and many of my fellow Cavaliers, my self included, used the time after the event to take holidays to unwind because we couldnt have taken any whilst the build was progressing so please accept our apologies for the delay announcing the results of the draw.

Here are the results:

1st - M Jeffery of Torrington

2nd - G Sing of Northam

3rd - A Stacey of Langtree

Trumpton Big Screen video's

The big screen was an excellent idea showing episodes of the original trumpton series, a History of the Cavaliers bonfires plus a special Trumpton episode never seen before:

You tube video: 

BBC footage of our Trumpton Spectacular!

Last night an entire town in Devon was destroyed by fire. Luckily, though, it was only the pretend town of Trumpton!! Thousands watched as the latest bonfire creation by the Torrington Cavaliers went up in flames all to raise money for charity. Spotlight's John Danks was there.

Trumpton Bonfire 29th August 2015


Thanks to all who came to our show last night! We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks also to all the stewards and other helpers, and a special thank you to our fireworks team TWO TIGERS, who put on an amazing display! We'll let you know how much we've raised after we've had a little rest!!

Please see some photos. You can share them but can you please credit: Andy Davey Photography

Great Torrington Silver band play at Trumpton

Great Torrington Silver band came to Trumpton this evening for a concert in the Trumpton Bandstand in Trumpton Square in front of the Town Hall:

You tube video: 

Bonfire info and tickets

This link shows the progress of the bonfire build. If you need info re the bonfire day please visit the "Bonfire Day information Page & what to do in North Devon" in the left side bar of this page.

Trumptonshire comes alive

Trumpton came alive tonight!

Pippin Fort and the soldiers try to rescue the Mayors hat!